quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011

Two sides

Cold water

going into the deep

in this dark ocean

mixing with the dark sky

I can't see the limits
- She said
Everything is dark blue
- She said
Oh darling, that's right
- He said
But if you close your eyes
- He said
And looks above you
- He said
Maybe stars you'll see
- He said

Thaís Pires-Alves.
Copyright: Thaís Pires-Alves

segunda-feira, 12 de setembro de 2011

Is not just a lost thing

It was the first song
Her eye was blinking to me
But I didn’t recognize
She was a strange to me

Walking across the room
I was dancing and BOOM
I saw her face again
Dancing next to me

She asked something
But I couldn’t understand
Anyway I said yes (with one move head)
And I received a long kiss

Times later
I couldn’t find her /she has gone
And now Everytime that I heard the same music
I just wish to have heard what she was saying

Thaís Pires-Alves.
Copyright: Thaís Pires-Alves


I flew in a false illusion
That I could choose the best decision
While my heart want something
My brain and my mind other thing

All the times that I saw his face on the screen
My heart pulsated so strong that I almost scream
His hair, his eyes, his noise, and his mouth…
Are things that I don't want to live without

But in the same time…
Stay here is like a dream
And the feelings are so sublime
Like donuts and ice cream

I tried to focus to learn English
But somehow a lot of things make me escape
I feel so foolish
Like choconut without 'nut' but with another cape

Stay or not stay is always in my mind
If I not stay I follow my heart
If I stay I leave my heart behind
And all the things since we started 

How one love make us like this
Is so powerful that you can blow
A big balloon that you never miss
Ohhhh, Only you will know

Thaís Pires-Alves.
Copyright: Thaís Pires-Alves